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Custom Fire Pit

Young's Welding takes pride in offering the finest quality custom made fire pits. These fire pits are designed to compliment your home's décor and are built to provide a lifetime of use. We use heavy gauge metal that is welded at key points to provide a solid and durable finished product. You will be proud to show your friends and family your new fire pit from Young's Welding.

Custom Fire Pit

We start off by determining what type of fire pit you want. We make fire pits that are designed to simply burn wood or we can incorporate features that allow you to cook on either a grill or using a wok!

Custom Fire Pit

This is our fire pit that uses a grill cooking surface. The grill surface has an adjustable height feature and it can also swing out of the way for adjusting the temperature or removing meat.

Custom Fire Pit

This is our fire pit that has a built in rotisserie. The rotisserie can be used for slow roasting your favorite meat and is removeable. That way you can use for fire pit for a decorative heating effect when not cooking.

Custom Fire Pit

We also make glass inserts that allow you to use your fire pit as a coffee table or drink stand during the hot summer months.

We can incorporate your school or company design into your custom fire pit. If you can dream it, we can built it!

Next we cut out the design on our CNC Plasma cutting machine. This machine allows us to cut almost any design from simple shapes to the most elaborate designs you can imaging. Then we weld on either legs or a decorative base. Finally, we coat the fire pit in high temperature paint or, for added durability, we can powder coat your fire pit in HTC (high temperature coating).

We also have fire pits in stock and ready to take home! Come by and take a look at our Metal Art showroom to see our ready-to-purchase fire pits or discuss options for a custom made creation.

A custom made fire pit would make the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Give them a gift that will give them years of enjoyment. Give them a custom made fire pit!

We can design, build, and deliver your fire pit anywhere in the Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana areas. If you are in Bossier Parish, Caddo Parish, or DeSoto Parish you are within our service area and we will be more than happy to serve you.

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